Urine on the carpet? – yuk!

Urine on the carpet?

Dog urine on the carpet or cat urine on the carpet – either way it’s just not nice!

Urine on the carpet can burn carpet fibres because urine is initially acidic and then turns alkaline. It is therefore essential that wherever urine on the carpet is found, that you treat the area as soon as possible.

A few DIY steps: (1) blot the area (2) apply white vinegar (3) blot the excess and (4)re-apply white vinegar if required.
Let the carpet dry naturally and call a professional carpet cleaner if the stain is still apparent.

However, we are talking about urine! Have a look at this chart:

chart for urine spread in carpet

No matter how cute your little cat or pup are – I would be calling the professionals in! That chart says it all, and I wouldn’t want to be lying all over my carpet knowing that there is wee lurking beneath me! Would you?

“I’ll just look cute and pretend it wasn’t me.”

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