What are the various techniques for cleaning carpet and rugs?
There are two techniques – low moisture/encapsulation process or steam cleaning.

How does dry cleaning differ from other forms of cleaning? Do you recommend this method?
Dry cleaning uses either a powder or liquid spray method. We don’t recommend this method as we don’t believe it is as effective as steam cleaning.

What is the most effective and thorough form of carpet cleaning?
We would definitely recommend steam cleaning – with hot water extraction.

Are all types of carpet suitable for steam cleaning?
Yes, however different types of carpet may have a better result than others.

How long does the process take?
Of course this depends on the size of the job, however as a guide say a 2 bedroom unit would take approximately 1.5hours.

What is the best advice for treating a stain?
For a liquid stain, absorb what you can with a clean, dry cloth. For a solid particle stain, scoop up what you can. We would then recommend calling a professional carpet cleaner to spot this area or to clean the entire room. In some instances (particularly pet stains) white vinegar dabbed on the area may have a good result.

Do you advise treating carpet for protection – with what?
This is not really required as most modern fabrics and fibres are synthetic or rayon fibres which do not benefit from protection. The only fabric which would really benefit from protection is cotton.

What do I need to ask a carpet cleaner when quoting?
Probably the main questions to ask are ‘do you charge by room or by area?’ For example, some carpet cleaners may charge a flat rate for a room, however they only go around the furniture; ‘do you steam or dry clean?’; ‘what is the drying time?’, ‘do you used industry approved products?’

What does sanitising & deodorizing involve?
Sanitising entails using a QUOT-based product – which eats the odour-causing bacteria which in most instances removes the odour. Deodorising a carpet is just like putting deodorant on a person – it is only temporary and wears off with time.

How often do I need to clean my carpet?
This purely depends on usage. For carpets with low usage, we would recommend steam cleaning every 12-18 months. For carpets with pets, children and high traffic areas or well used commercial premises, we would recommend steam cleaning every 6-12months.

What types of carpet are best as far as low maintenance and easy cleaning are concerned?
Definitely wool is the preferred carpet.

Is it sanitizing effective in getting rid of most smells? Smoke, pet smells, etc?
Yes, however for best results we would always suggest a steam clean first.

Does this process actually help to clean the carpet or is more about improving the smell?
No, it doesn’t help to clean the carpet – it really is about improving the smell.


Can pet stains be removed?
Pet stains are difficult and very common. Whilst we can remove most stains, in some instances the yellow stains can never totally be removed as the high acid content in the urine has actually burnt the fibres in the rug or carpet.

Can odours including pet smells, mould, milk, vomit be eradicated?
Yes, in most instances.


What types of upholstery can be effectively cleaned?
Almost all types of upholstery.

What are the methods?
Similar to carpet cleaning (ie either an encapsulation process or steam cleaning, or sometimes both)

Does it do any damage to the upholstery?
No, not normally – as long as the upholstery is colour fast and not damaged.

How often do you suggest upholstery be cleaned?
Again, this depends on usage, however we would suggest every 6-18mths.

Leather Cleaning:

What are the most common types of leather used in lounges and chairs?
Finished leather, semi analines, full analines and suedes (or nubucks).

Can all of these be effectively cleaned?
Finished leather is the most popular and is the easiest to clean and maintain. In most instances, semi analines get good results however full analines and suedes are extremely difficult to clean with limited results.

What are the methods for leather cleaning?
A good quality cleaner is applied by hand. This removes built up body oils and grime.
The leather is then dried by hand.
A top quality protection and moisturizing cream is applied.

Can you also repair cracked or faded leather?
Minor cracks and faded areas can be repaired by a rejuvenating tinting process. This usually gives and exceptional result.

Would you suggest a regular maintenance program for leather lounges, etc?
Leather is similar to a human’s skin. Over time it can become dry and cracking will result. We would suggest at least an annual maintenance program.

Can anyone clean and tint leather?
Definitely no. This is a time consuming and tricky process and best left to the experts.