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Vomit on the Carpet

Vomit on the Carpet

How do you clean vomit from the carpet? The big, ugly question!

This is not a nice topic – however it needs to addressed because IT HAPPENS!

One thing that needs to be taken into account, whether the vomit on the carpet is from a human or an animal, is what did they last eat? Depending on this answer, vomit stains can be very hard to remove.
And then there is the question of the vomit odour!

Here’s a DIY check list to clean the vomit from the carpet.

1. Pick up and discard any food or chunks
2. Apply a small amount of wool mix and water followed by white vinegar
3. Blot well and try not to over wet the carpet
4. Let dry naturally and vacuum

For a perfect result, after you do point 1, cleaning the residue vomit from the carpet, and making sure there is no vomit stain left, or vomit odour, is what the professional carpet cleaners are here for.
Call Team Devine to discuss further for perfect peace of mind.