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Red Wine on the Carpet

Red Wine on the Carpet

Red Wine on the Carpet?

Don’t Panic about the red wine on the carpet!

How do you successfully remove red wine stains from your carpet or rug? We all hold our breath as we see the red wine glass slip and red wine splash and stain our beautiful carpets or rug.

The seasons have changed and warmed up and with that have come more gatherings and parties. Naturally it seems we have had quite a spate of carpet spill emergencies lately with people wanting some simple advice on how to treat these red wine stains. “Googling” or listening to friend’s “age-old” remedies can in the majority of instances set the stain and create more trouble than simply leaving the stain and waiting for a professional spotting treatment.
It seems that the word out there is to apply Bicarb Soda. We must stress DO NOT APPLY BICARB SODA particularly to wool carpet!!

When it comes to your red wine stain – for a substantial spill – blot up liquid with a dry towel or paper towel and LEAVE ALONE. Call a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

For a small spill – wet the area with soda water, followed by white vinegar. Blot well and repeat steps 1 & 2 if necessary. Leave to dry. DO NOT KEEP WET.

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