Water Damaged Carpets

Wet Carpets can be Restored!

Water damaged carpets always seem to be one of the worst fears we have when it comes to carpet mishaps. If you decide to clean the wet carpet yourself, there will always be the questions…

  • – will it will ever dry properly?
  • – will it smell?
  • – will the stains all come out?
  • – will mould grow undetected?

Devine know that weather is unpredictable and a sudden downpour could see your lounge room, office or kids bedroom flooded. Who knows when your plumbing next decides to go ‘kerplunk’. But at least you can be assured that Devine can fix the problem and can also organise any other professionals you may need (plumber, carpet layer, builder etc) to restore your home or office to new again!

Cleaning up water damaged carpets is one of Devine’s specialties. With their portable and truck mounted extraction units, high powered blowers and our expertise in odour and stain removal and anti-browning techniques, they will have your place back to normal as quickly as possible.

Don’t leave your family’s health and the health of your carpet in question…Devine Cleaning will fix it for you! Just call us on 9982 9055.

Fresh clean carpet by Devine

For fresh, clean carpet – call Team Devine!

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