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Red Wine – Friend or Foe?

Red Wine Stains on your Carpet Red wine could be your best friend or worst nightmare! We have noticed that on Facebook pages, within the communities we are connected with, there are always lots of posts asking friends and friends of friends what the best way is to clean up...
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Water Damaged Carpets

Wet Carpets can be Restored! Water damaged carpets always seem to be one of the worst fears we have when it comes to carpet mishaps. If you decide to clean the wet carpet yourself, there will always be the questions… – will it will ever dry properly? – will it...
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Poo on Carpet – EWWW

Poo on the carpet Cat poo on the carpet or dog poo on the carpet – any poo on the carpet is just not nice. It’s one of the ewwww moments when it happens, and it will happen if you have a puppy or kitten, and sometimes even if you...
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Vomit on the Carpet

Vomit on the carpet How do you clean vomit from the carpet? The big, ugly question! This is not a nice topic – however it needs to addressed because IT HAPPENS! One thing that needs to be taken into account, whether the vomit on the carpet is from a human...
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