30 Years Strong


Who would have thought that Devine Carpet Care would be celebrating 30 years in business this month? But they always say from humble beginnings the best things grow and we’d have to agree.

With a background in cleaning supplies and machine repairs, Frank Devine in the search for some extra cash, started cleaning carpets as a second job. After starting his own cleaning supplies business in 1982 with a few of his Navy friends, and subsequently meeting his long-time wife Raja, Frank sold on the business and moved to the Northern Beaches with Raja.

Knowing there was a hole in the market for good experienced carpet cleaners, Frank decided to continue with carpet cleaning and in 1985 Devine Carpet Care was born. With one van and a portable machine, Frank built up quite a reputation both with clients and in the industry and in 1986 took up the offer by McConnell Industries to install a truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine in his van.

Devine Cleaning Original Van

Working out of home and with Raja manning the phones and cleaning leather lounges, some regular Manly Daily advertising, a lot of client referrals and an excellent reputation for quality work, the business grew to the point where there was too much work for just the two of them and with a young family to consider, there was no alternative than to sub work out.

But children grow and find their own partners and in time Frank & Raja’s daughter Aleeda met Brendan Lowe who in 2005 joined Frank carpet cleaning whilst Aleeda helped Raja with leather cleaning. Still the business grew and in 2009 it became apparent that another hole in the market had opened up and that was for rug cleaning. Frank and Raja decided to buy a factory in Cromer and fit it out as a specialised rug cleaning facility to complement the existing business.

Due to the demand in work for both carpet and rug cleaning and with the additional tile and upholstery cleaning services it was clear that the business was in growth mode yet again and in 2010 Brendan’s uncle Rob Lowe joined the team. With both Brendan and Rob trained by Frank and out cleaning carpets by themselves, it allowed Frank & Raja to concentrate more on the rug cleaning but with consistent growth on both sides of the business Frank & Raja just couldn’t do it all and after much consideration offered Devine Carpet Care to Aleeda & Brendan and Rob and his wife Mel.

In 2011 the Devine/Lowe partnership was born and took over ownership of Devine Carpet Care yet the family ties remained strong and both business ran successfully side by side.

In 2012, with two young babies of their own and the need to relocate the Rug Cleaning facility to a bigger location to keep up with demand, Aleeda & Brendan joined Frank & Raja as partners in Devine Rug Care and Rob & Mel Lowe took over sole ownership of Devine Carpet Care. For all of us, family is important and the support a family-owned & operated network can provide is integral.

With 5 staff and 3 fully equipped vans, Devine Carpet Care offers exceptional carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients. Servicing the Northern Beaches, upper and lower North Shore and selected City and Eastern Suburbs areas our highly trained technicians understand that honesty, integrity and client satisfaction are paramount.

For Devine Carpet Care reputation means everything and with a client base still retaining some of Franks original clients from 30 years ago – not to mention the following two generations – we must be doing something right.

We look forward to the next 30 years…..Thanks for traveling with us this far!

Devine Carpet Cleaning 30 years

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Team Devine

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